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Peter Menet

Peter Menet

Peter Menet has stood for innovation and passion in international equestrian sports for over 40 years. Developing the saddle brands ‘Menet Saddle’, ‘Amerigo’, ‘Amerigo Vega’, he perfected his philosophy to a unique method. Therefore, with a Menet saddle you are not only riding on a superbly designed and constructed saddle, but also on the result of years of research and experience in biomechanics and movement analysis of horse and rider.


Menetics stands for innovation and precision in equestrian sport. Our high level saddles and accessories are a result of decades of experience and passion for horses.  Top quality and individuality enable us to offer horse and rider tailor made solutions.

New: Alpaca Saddle Pads

Saddle Pads made from skin friendly materials such as cotton and Alpaca wool fleece.  The special shape and the Alpaca wool fleece makes these pads especially suitable for horses with sensitive skin or saddle area. 

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3 Steps to your custom made Saddle.

Choose your saddle

All your personal choices regarding the type of saddle required, the leather and any special touches are taken into consideration. 



Our Menetics measuring system enables a precise measurement of horse and rider 


Each saddle is individually made and each piece, the saddle tree, seat, panels, flaps and kneerolls harmonizes to create a tailor made product. 

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What our customers say

Andreas Rohner

I am very impressed with the quality of Amerigo saddles. This is reflected in the rideability of the horses and in the balance for myself. Sitting comfortably on them is another important point. I need my saddles for many different horses and all work well with them. The service is fast and professional and I also like the other products, such as the bridles and reins. Thank you very much for your support.

Jean Rüdiger-Harper

Why Menet Saddles? I have been a customer of Menet Saddles for over 12 years now, and throughout that time, Peter and his team have, without fail, provided myself and my horse with extremely competent and caring service. Peter Menet’s immense knowledge of his subject and his sports ethos is immediately obvious and this knowledge and ethos is also readily observable in his team. I cannot imagine a better saddler or better customer care-

Alexandra Stein

We had been looking for a saddle for several years and are very happy that we have finally been able to find a suitable dressage saddle for both my little mare and myself. The saddle is very comfortable to sit in right from the start and my mare is not restricted in her range of movement, neither in the shoulder area nor in the back. It also gives me enough room to move, but supports correct aids. We are very satisfied.

Stefanie Maier und Temptation

"I am the proud owner of an Amerigo saddle, model Pasubio. The service and the entire process, from the first visit to the handover of the saddle, were characterised by a very trusting, professional and competent cooperation. Customer service and satisfaction (of horse and rider) are very important at Menetsattel. Many thanks for this great saddle. We give it 5*!

Romain Sottas

1) Comfort and closeness to the horse 2) Tailor-made quality for your horse 3) 5* service 4) Amerigo is not only about saddles: high quality bridles & accessories. 5) A team that listens to the rider's needs and is always available. Many thanks 🙏

Florence Schwizer-Seydoux

I really appreciate the technicality and the elegance as well as the made-to-measure service offered by Amerigo allowing me to offer each of my horses a saddle that matches their specific needs. What's more, it's possible to personalise the saddles and give them a little fashion touch thanks to their wide range of colours 🎀 A special thank you to Émilie for her professionalism, flexibility and kindness 💫

Familie Bächtold

  We at Klettgaublick are extremely satisfied with Amerigo, because not only are the saddles optimally adapted to the needs and conditions of horse and rider, the service is excellent, fast and reliable. As the saddles fit down to the smallest detail, our horses can perform at their best. We can highly recommend Amerigo.

Andrea Nova

My special place, my treasure, my sofa. I love love love my Amerigo saddles. Not only do they fit me wonderfully, my horse also feels super comfortable. Top quality, not only in the workmanship - but also the service.

Stefanie Lewis

Once Amerigo - always Amerigo.   In the past, it was simply important to me that the saddle fitted my horses and I disregarded my own needs.   When I came across my first Amerigo saddle by chance, I was absolutely thrilled with the feel of the saddle and the leather. At last I had a saddle that not only fitted my horses perfectly, but also me and my body.   Since then I have only had Amerigo saddles and I am more than happy.

Pius Schwizer 🇨🇭

Ich bin mit Amerigo seit Jahren hoch zufrieden die Pferde fühlen sich mit dieser Top Qualität wohl und der Service klappt immer perfekt 👌🍀Ich Bedanke mich bei dem ganzen Team


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