“Menetics”, is the new name given to Peter Menet’s philosophy.  40 years of experience in equestrian sport makes “Menetics” a unique method of analysis with the aim of promoting the horse’s health and optimising the performance of horse and rider with the decisive elements.  Consultations will be available.

Menetics Education

Menetics will be accessible in the form of consultations, seminars and courses for interested parties. A reliable concept that will help you in your work with horses benefitting riders, breeders, dealers, trainers, riding instructors, vets, physiotherapists, etc.



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Menetics stands for innovation and precision in equestrian sport. Our high level saddles and accessories are a result of decades of experience and passion for horses.  Top quality and individuality enable us to offer horse and rider tailor made solutions.

Neu: Alpaka Unterlagen

Unterlagen mit hautfreundlichen Materialien wie Baumwolle und Alpaka Vlies. Die optimale Passform und das Alpaka Vlies ist ideal für Pferde mit empfindlicher Sattellage, Scheuerstellen oder entzündeten Talgdrüsen.

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saddle pad

Our alpaca fleece saddle pads and pads offer an ideal solution for horses and riders. Comparable to sheepskin products in performance, the alpaca fleece is obtained through shearing the alpacas, without the use of hide.  Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca wool contains no allergenic lanolin, ideal for sensitive horses.

half pad

Perfect for horses with sensitive saddle area or skin problems. Closer to the horse’s back for a more sensitive riding experience with optimal ‘Menetics’ fit.  


This new bridle concept combines valuable, traditional manufacturing methods (e.g. real hand stitching in essential places) with revolutionary components that take into account the extremely sensitive areas on the horse’s head and contribute strongly to well-being and improved performance.


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