Peter Menet

With over 40 years of experience in the saddle business, Peter Menet is responsible for our technical standards and their implementation.  This includes product development and design as well as customer care.  Under the Menetics label, he passes on his knowledge in seminars, further training and in the form of technical products.

Lisa Menet

Lisa Menet has been in the saddle business for over 25 years and is responsible for day-to-day management and marketing.

Alexandra Nicoletti

Since the start, Alexandra Nicoletti has been an integral part of our team and is responsible for order processing and all customer and stock orders.

Andrea Breu

Andrea Breu joined our team in April 2018. Currently working part-time she takes care of accounting, processing and updating the online shop.

Miriam Gübeli

Miriam Gübeli joined our team in January 2022.  Responsible for organising the schedules for Peter Menet and Dominic Weber,aswell as processing saddle adjustments/repairs and accessory orders.

Dominic Weber

Dominic Weber joined our team as a sales representative at the end of 2015 and looks after customers in many regions of Switzerland.

Emilie Struchen

Emilie Struchen joined the Team in Spring 2023 as the sales representative in Western Switzerland.