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Story & Passion

Active in the saddle industry for over 40 years, Peter Menet is a leading name in saddle design and innovation worldwide. His products are always at the service of the performance and health of horses. A passionate horse person, breeder and rider, his in-depth knowledge of horses is evident in his products and encounters with horse and rider.
Founded in 2004, Menetsattel is a company created by horse people for horse people. Saddles are our passion! Internationally successful in all disciplines, we always strive to ensure the best equipment solution for horse and rider at every level.

The Menet Story

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The Art of Perfection

Peter Menet’s love of art is reflected in every saddle he creates.   Perfection is creating a saddle that is as unique as the partnership of each horse and rider. 


Behind our saddle concept is the scientific approach of Peter Menet, an experienced expert who has developed a professional saddle management system with the aim of improving performance. Many top level riders in all equestrian disciplines trust Menet Saddles! 

Leder in allen Farben

Unsere hochwertigen Sättel sind in vielen attraktiven Farben erhältlich, sodass Sie sowohl funktionale als auch ästhetische Präferenzen erfüllen können.


All of our personally created products contain the highest level of Swiss precision! 


High End

The health of the horse and the riders comfort are our priority.  We combine design, quality materials and traditional craft methods with high level technical principles. 


Welcome to Menetics! Peter Menet’s unique methods of horse/rider analysis based on 40 years of experience in equestrian sport promotes the health of the horse and optimizes performance of horse and rider. 

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