Menet Saddles

High End

The health of the horse and the riders comfort are our priority.  We combine design, quality materials and traditional craft methods with high level technical principles. 

Swiss Made

All of our personally created products contain the highest level of Swiss precision! 

Hand Made

Our saddles and accessories are created using traditional methods. Each part is individually made with a combination of traditional craftwork and modern technology. 

Custom Precision

Our Menetics measuring system allows a precise measurement of horse and rider with almost unlimited possibilities. 

Leather in all colours

Our saddles are available in a selection of different colours and finishes to accomodate your personal wishes. 

Menetics stands for innovation and precision in equestrian sport. Our high level saddles and accessories are a result of decades of experience and passion for horses.  Top quality and individuality enable us to offer horse and rider tailor made solutions.

Peter Menet

Peter Menet has stood for innovation and passion in international equestrian sports for over 40 years.  Developing the saddle brands ‘Menet Saddle’, ‘Amerigo’, ‘Amerigo Vega’, he perfected his philosophy to a unique method. Therefore, with a Menet saddle you are not only riding on a superbly designed and constructed saddle, but also on the result of years of research and experience in biomechanics and movement analysis of horse and rider.

The Art of Perfection

Peter Menet’s love of art is reflected in every saddle he creates.   Perfection is creating a saddle that is as unique as the partnership of each horse and rider. 

3 Steps to your custom made Saddle

Choose your saddle

All your personal choices regarding the type of saddle required, the leather and any special touches are taken into consideration. 


Our Menetics measuring system enables a precise measurement of horse and rider 


Each saddle is individually made and each piece, the saddle tree, seat, panels, flaps and kneerolls harmonizes to create a tailor made product. 


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