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Peter Menet Saddles

This product represents the traditional art of Swiss saddle making, and is a genuinely custom made saddle. Horse and rider are both carefully measured and aims of the rider are also taken into consideration, so that the saddle produced provides the best possible base for their performance together.

The wooden spring saddletree forms the foundation of the saddle. The tree is reinforced with rawhide and fitted exactly to the anatomical requirements of both the horse’s back and the rider. The independant panel system is flocked using pure wool so that it adjusts softly and efficiently to the horse’s back. There are no gussets or pre-formed pressure points that can affect the horse. Only naturally tanned leathers are used to ensure comfort, durability and grip.


Peter Menet saddles are available not only for all classical equestrian disciplines (showjumping, dressage and eventing) but also for endurance and icelandic sport. Created by Peter Menet in 2004 to carry his own name, the saddles are produced by the La Belle Saddlery in Herisau. The saddle stands for the highest level of precision and quality, being the saddle of choice for top Swiss riders such as Pius Schwizer and Estelle Wettstein.

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